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 in response to So Sad in Missouri...   Not sure if you are still looking but these links may help...
As long as you qualify for a program they can help you!
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So Sad in Missouri
Well another day has passed and still nothing on this did try the pro bono with no luck. still hoping that out there I'll find help.
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Dear so sad in Missouri : sorry u r so sad.i feel ur pain.go to Google and put in dentists pro bono.that's what I the time was 60yrs old grandmother of 4 who because of bad gums had teeth that were rotten and awful. Didn't smile for yrs and wanted to do something so can take pictures with grandkids.they always look at me and ask why I never smile and never eat around them. Its been five yrs and was very happy but need new dentures top and bottom that fit me and I can go out with friends and family and be close talk,smile etc. Know how u feel.once have dentist tell ur story why need dentures.can't go without eating,and eating without teeth not good healthwise because food not properly chewed.good to me about anything willing to listen.i am your friend on aidpage.bigred64.
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